Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?

Patton Park and Jackson Park have the largest parking areas near the Greenway. There are smaller parking lots on 7th Avenue near Mud Creek, on North Main Street near Mud Creek, on Berkeley Road near Mud Creek and at the Berkeley Mills trailhead on Balfour Road across from Berkeley Mills Park. Please see "Trail Map" above for details.

Who has the right of way when passing on the Greenway?

Adhering to the following safety guidelines will improve your experience and safety when biking or walking on the Greenway:

• Pedestrians Have the Right of Way: Faster moving trail users, such as bicyclists, rollerbladers and skate boarders, should yield to walkers and joggers. When the trail is busy, bicyclists should ride single file.
• Be Courteous, Share the Trail and Keep Right: Make the trail a friendly environment for all trail users, regardless of their mode of transportation and speed, by not blocking the path. Walk and bike on the right side of the trail to facilitate two-way traffic and use caution when passing other trail users. Please prevent children and pets from wandering into the oncoming lane.
• Communicate Before Passing: Before passing, give a clear warning signal by voice, bell, or horn. Bicyclists should politely call-out, "On your left" before passing. Be aware that other people may want to pass you. Listen, not to your iPod, but to the world!

Are there drinking fountains and restrooms located on or near the Greenway?

The Greenway has drinking fountains located at Berkeley Mills Park and at the 7th Avenue crossing area by the City's dog park, Pets' Own Place, and at Jackson and Patton parks. The water fountains may be inactivated during winter months. There are bathrooms at Jackson and Patton parks.

Are pets allowed on the Greenway?

Yes, many people enjoy walking their dogs on the Greenway but pets must be leashed. To keep the Greenway and Mud Creek clean, there are pet waste bags and waste receptacles along the trail. Please use them.

Which part of the Greenway is best for those with mobility impairments?

The trail can most easily be accessed from the parking areas on North Main and on Seventh Avenue. The Greenway is paved and most of it is very flat. However, there is a slope on the spur going up to Patton Park and on the trail near the Berkeley Mills trailhead.

How long is the Oklawaha Greenway?

The distance between zero mile post at Jackson Park and Berkeley Mills Park is 3.25 miles. This is the longest through-stretch at this time. Additionally, the distance between the parking area in Patton Park and the kiosk is a little less than ½ mile. On the Trail Map (above; also posted at the kiosk and other locations along the Greenway), the distance between the red dots is .25 mile.

Will the Oklawaha Greenway ever be extended?

Henderson County has contracted with Equinox, an award-winning firm that specializes in the design of parks and trails, to do two feasibility studies for extending the Greenway. One will look at the potential for going north to Westfeldt Park, near the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and the other will look at the feasibility of extending the trail south to Blue Ridge Community College and the Park at Flat Rock.

Who should I contact if I want to plan an event on the Greenway? Is there a fee for using the Greenway?

There are currently no fees for using the Greenway and it is unnecessary to get a use permit. However, events should be planned so as not to block the Greenway for other users. Please submit your event to the Friends of the Oklawaha Greenway website via the form under “Events/News” above. This will help avoid the possibility of two events being scheduled at the same time at the same point on the Greenway.

Who should I contact if I notice a maintenance problem along the Greenway?

For maintenance issues on the section of the Greenway between Berkeley Mills Park and Seventh Ave please contact the City of Hendersonville’s Public Works Department at 828-697-3084.

For maintenance issues on the section between Seventh Avenue and Jackson Park please contact the Henderson County Parks and Recreation Department at 828-697-4884.

Note: Both the city and the county are aware of the problems with occasional flooding on the Greenway and they are working to correct them.

What should I do if I notice trash or other problems along the Greenway?

The City of Hendersonville has the option to report problems online. You can use the Citizen Problem Reporter as a guest for non-emergency problems. Slecte Proceed as Guest and select a problem category. Categories that might be relevant to the Greenway include trash, stormwater, animals, trees or snow/ice. Press the green + Submit Report button in the lower right to see the report form.

Why is the Greenway often flooded between Jackson Park and the Martin Luther King Boulevard overpass?

Unfortunately, as constructed and aligned this part of the greenway is not an all-weather facility, and will be closed for maintenance after heavy rains. This section of the trail is located in a low floodplain near the confluence of two creeks near the Four Seasons swamp. After heavy rains the creeks rise and overflow their banks, causing water to spill out onto the Greenway. After several failed attempts to fix the problem, Henderson County staff will be trying another approach soon. In the meantime, a study is under way to find a route for the Greenway through Jackson Park and on to Blue Ridge Community College. The study will look at the possibility of elevating the section that floods or finding an alternative route around it.

Why is the boardwalk in the area of the kiosk closed?

The boardwalk is in poor repair and it has been closed for safety reasons. It will remain off limits until it is taken down and removed.

A small portion of boardwalk remains, at the end nearest Patton Park. This portion leads to a viewing platform and will become part of the Oklawaha Greenway Birding Trail.

How can I show my support for the Greenway?

• Write your support to the editors of local papers and Henderson County’s Board of Commissioners.
• Voice your support during the public comment period at the County Board of Commissioners regular meetings or during public input sessions for specific projects.

How do I volunteer to help with the Greenway?

Greenway volunteers plant wild flowers along the trail, help remove invasive species and help keep the trail clean. You can join our growing list of volunteers by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator; see “Support” in the menu bar above.
Specific volunteer activities are also posted under the Events section of this website and on our Facebook page; see the link on our home page.