Rules, Regulations and Trail Etiquette

Rules and Regulations signs at access points along the Greenway state:

Be Courteous
All Greenway users should be respectful of other users and property owners.

Yield to Pedestrians
Pedestrians always have the right of way.

Keep Right and Pass on Left
Always stay on the right except to pass.

Announce Yourself
Give audible signals when passing.

Obey All Greenway Signs and Rules
Stop at intersections. Travel at safe speeds.

Keep the Greenway Clean
Please clean up your litter.

Greenway Use Prohibited at Night
Do not use the Greenway from dusk to dawn.

Greenway Closed When Flooded
Do not use when Greenway is under water.

Keep Animals Under Control
Keep pets on short leash, walk pets on right shoulder and clean animal waste from Greenway.

Control Your Bicycle
Always stay alert and maintain a safe speed at all times.

Authorized Vehicles Only
The following are prohibited: weapons, horses, vehicles, fires.
Motorized or electric wheelchairs are allowed for people with disabilities. Other motorized or electric vehicles such as golf carts or mopeds are prohibited.

See the Photo Gallery under Signage for a photo of the Oklawaha Greenway Rules and Regulations sign.


Trail Etiquette especially geared to bicyclists:

Obey all signs and stop at all road crossings.

Stay right except to pass, leaving enough room for people to pass in both directions.

Announce yourself by ringing your bell or saying “on your left” when passing from behind.

Leave no trace – carry out all trash.

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