Plant of the Month

Have you seen any of these plants on the Greenway? Please let us know where.

April 2022

Spice Bush

Lindera benzoin

Native perennial understory shrub

Dioecious: need a male and female for good fruit set

Full sun all the way to full shade

Beautiful yellow flowers are a first sign of spring and an early butterfly nectar source!

Aromatic foliage and berries that attract wildlife


February 2022

Eastern Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana

Native evergreen tree

Prefers dry soils, but at least needs good drainage

Sunny to part shade

Bird attractor, cedar wax wings love this one!

Lovely blue berries are edible to humans as well

Height and shape greatly affected by pruning choices

December 2021

Possumhaw Holly

Ilex decidua

Native perennial understory tree

Handles a variety of soil conditions

Sun to part shade

Bird and mammal attractor

Reliable green foliage and gorgeous red berries in winter

For best berry production you must plant a male and female tree

November 2021

Common Witchhazel

Hamamelis virginiana

Native perennial understory tree; sometimes written as Witch Hazel

Forgiving of poor soil conditions but doesn’t like extremely dry soil

Part shade to shade

Bird attractor

Beautiful fall foliage and thread-like winter blooms make this a tree worth having!

The unusual blossoms appear in late fall and continue into winter

October 2021

Red Chokeberry

Aronia arbutifolia

Native perennial shrub

Can handle damp or dry soils as long as they are well drained

Full sun to part shade

Deer resistant

Bird and pollinator attractor

Particularly good for winter interest and as a food source for migrating birds!

Fruits appear in late summer and can persist through winter

September 2021


Vernonia noveboracensis

Native perennial

Prefers moist rich soils, full sun

Deer resistant

Bird and pollinator attractor

Specialist pollinator: The long-horned bee (Melissodes denticulatus)

Blooms here August into Fall